Video Gallery
Links to various wide videos, slide shows or anything with movement, be it our own, yours, or randomly culled from the web.
Got some video to share? Send us the link and we'll put it up on this page.
Some of this stuff is also available on via the WideFetishChannel if the QuickTime is giving you any trouble.


Ides of Middlemarch. Not exactly an offwidth, but there is some chimneying and few arm bars on the route. Russ and Susan, 1/09
Slide show, HERE

Sheerling, aka "New route right of Stampede". There is exactly 9 feet of OW on this route. Russ, Susan, Greg and Felicia, 1/09
Slide Show, HERE

1096, the fearsome chimney/flare in Yosemite. The "Young Strong Local" gives it a go. July '07 6mb

Bad Ass Momma in Yosemite. Russ and Will. July '07. 23mb

Reeds Pinnacle, Left. with Scuffy, Gary and Ed. Submitted by Ed. 4mb

Manual Labor, the Young Strong Local plugging. Submitted by Will

Chingando, Spyork climbing, Scuffy belaying. Submitted by Ed. 23mb



Centurion, with Russ on lead, 2/23/08. Spyork video. 28mb

Scuffy B on Throbbing Gristle, 2/24/08 3.3mb
A good video of Scuffy, Jaybro and Will on Throbbing Gristle 2/24/08. Video by Spyork. 25mb

Comfortably Numb in Joshua Tree. A 4" to squeeze rig through a roof. Slide show is of Russ on 11/23/07
Comfortably Numb, Flash Version
Comfortably Numb, QuickTime Version 3M

The Inquisition in Joshua Tree. A nice OW roof that kicked our ass. Spring '07 169mb

Jay the OW Machine on the Inquisition in Joshua Tree. Spring '07 2mb

Boot and Rally, a new FA of an OW in Joshua Tree. Nov. 2006 8mb

Not really wide, but there is a knee induced no hands rest.
Mike Paul doing the Up 20 boulder problem in the early 80's. Filmed on BetaMax (really!) by Dave Robinson. 17mb

Selected wide cuts from the Art of Leading. Tips on doing chinmneys and OW by John Long, Ron Kauk, and Mari Gingery.
Art of Leading Tips: 38mb



Paisano Overhang, from the film On the Rocks. There is also some footage of Mother Superior at Woodson, and Animal Magnetism in Colorado in this clip. 44mb


Bicameral Thoughts, lead by Gary Carpenter, submitted by Ed Hartouni. 6.5mb

Hidden Dragon, @ some Southern State. Odub at the helm. And a kick ass Odub song called OffWidth at this link, OffWidth

Spin to Win, @ Vedauwoo, WY. Jaybro clanging his melon. Submitted by Will

Trench Warfare, @ Little Cottonwood Canyon, UT. Presented by and Udo Newmann. Kim Czizmazia. 35mb

Big Shoe Roof, Montana. Submitted by Tom Kingsbury (on ImageShack)