Trip Reports
A collection of Trip Reports from various members and probably some stolen stuff too. You can always put your Trip Report up on our Forum and it will migrate over here eventually to its permanent home. If you prefer, you can just email us the TR, or a link to it, and we'll post it up here.


Joshua Tree:

The Inquisition, AKA:Two fools in the Wide... going nowhere. Joshua Tree, April '07. A jingus OW roof kicking the asses of all comers... Russ, Will, Jaybro, SteelMonkey.

Ipecac and Point of No Return. AKA: The Spirit of Hartouni. Wide cracks in Joshua Tree. Russ and Will. April '07


Sierra Eastside:

Pratts Crack, Pine Creek Canyon, by Wedgy


Copper Penny and Trial by Fire, pdf, by Mungeclimber

Worst Error, Yosemite Valley, Ca. by Chiloe.

The Rostrum, Yosemite Valley, by Kevin Rose

Heatwave Baby, Yosemite stuff including some wide. By Russ Walling

Washington State:?
Bride of Wyde (pdf), trip report by Bill Coe on the FA.
(pulled from the Forum, here: I hate wide shit. )